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Dual Compound Pilot Road 2

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Michelin Sport Touring Motorcycle Tire,If you search the Spot Motorcycles site, you'll find that Ila did a nice review of the first generation Michelin Pilot Road tires. Now it's time that we take a look at the newest incarnation of the line, the Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires.

The Pilot Road 2 incorporates a dual compound construction. To be honest, I'm not sure why anyone would buy a single compound tire anymore. Dual compound tires have too much to offer. In fact, even MotoGP race teams are now using dual compound tires. In a nutshell, you get the cornering grip of a soft compound tire while getting the mileage of a harder compound skin. What is the downside? I don't know of one. The Michelin Pilot Road 2 also offers a new tread pattern that is miles above its predecessor in wet grip properties.

There is a word of warning with these tires. A careful and lengthy break-in, or "rough-in", period is needed. Many riders report that they did not feel confident on these tires until the 200-300 mile mark. That is a lengthy wear-in period for modern tires. However, patience is a virtue, and the Pilot Road 2 tires will reward that patience! The Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires are sized for application to most any modern sport and sport touring motorcycle.

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