Continental Force ST Review, Front & Rear

Tire for Dual Sport Touring Motorcycle

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Continental Force ST Review, Front &Because I log thousands of miles a year on a big sport-touring motorcycle, I go through a lot of tires. I have sampled sport touring (ST) tires from Michelin, Metzler, Dunlop, Bridgestone, and Avon. I can say that I found positives in each of these brands, along with some limitations in each. However, the last set I tried were Continental Force ST tires. The price was right, and the tires seemed to offer a desirable combination of grip of longevity.

To be completely honest with you, I would not recommend these tires to any aggressive sport touring rider. As soon as I got the Conti-Force tires on the road, my ZZR1200 had a serious headshake when I removed my hands from the grips. I use a tire technician who I consider very competent, so I took the front wheel back to be re-balanced. The computer spin revealed that it was correctly balanced. To make a long story short, after checking my steering head adjustment, front suspension, and brakes, I finally just had to live with the condition until the next set of tires.

This was not my only complaint with these tires. I found the tires to be unpredictable in their cornering grip. The tires, especially the rear, would break free without any warning.

After two long tours, I removed the Continentals and mounted up my current set: Bridgestone BT-021s. After these were mounted (by the same technician), the bike returned to its consistent, predictable handling -- no more headshake and no more unpredictable cornering.

In short, my suggestion for the sport-touring rider looking for new rubber: steer clear of the Continental Force ST tires. Instead, check out my review of the Bridgestone BT-021 tire. I think you'll thank me.

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