Lund Motorcycle Ramp Kit Set

Steel Attachment For Durable Homemade Wooden Ramps 602002

Posted by Andy

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Lund Motorcycle Ramp Kit Set The most versatile building material that humans have ever used is wood. You can build anything out of the stuff. It's plentiful and renewable -- I mean heck, it grows on trees even. If you have a spare plank lying around, I'm willing to bet you've even used it as a makeshift ramp for your motorcycle or ATV at one point of your life or another, and if you haven't, I'm sure you're time is due. The only problem is that when you're trying to wheel it up on the edge, there's that inch-and-a-half drop that you have, and there's always a chance of the wood slipping and making you drop the bike face-first on the ground. Instead of just hoping that you don't experience those problems, try using this handy Ramp Kit made by Lund.

The Ramp Kit is basically an "S"-shaped piece of steel that you can use to bolt any 2-inch-wide board. You could have it be as long as you want, but I wouldn't recommend anything longer than 10 feet as to avoid snapping the wood with a heavier bike. The molded steel is durable and strong, and the bolts that are included are made out of steel as well. The kit comes with enough stuff to make two durable ramps, but the best part is that you can reuse, or take the kit off of an old board and put it on a new one when the time comes.

If you want a more durable ramp made out of metal, check this one out as well.

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