Discount Motorcycle or ATV Truck Ramp, Folding

Steel 8 Foot Loading Runner

Posted by Brad

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Discount Ramps ATV Loading Ramp Kit There will be times when you are going to have to load your bike into a trailer or the bed of a truck. For me, that means I've broken down and I'm probably in a vicious mood, but some people need to transport a show bike or take their machine to the track.

If you move your bike often, buy a high-end ramp. It's worth the extra cost. For me, I'll go with the cheap ramp that stays dry in my garage because I hope I will never have to use it.

The 8-foot, steel ATV loading ramp from Discount Ramps is just the kind of ramp I would buy. This ramp has a few qualities that make it worthwhile for the person who keeps it on hand for emergencies.

This is technically an ATV ramp, but you can use the additional runner to walk up while working the clutch of your bike. Narrow, single runner motorcycle ramps are hard to use if you're short. A wide ramp is expensive, so it's not ideal for infrequent use.

Cost is the most attractive feature of this ramp by far. The folding, serrated rung ramp is able to support 600 pounds per track, and will cost about $140. A one-year warranty that does not cover rust damage should tip you off about the quality. Having a ramp on hand is a good idea, and the Discount Ramps product is adequate and economical for the biker that plans to use it as little as possible.

Try the Fly Folding Ramp if you're looking for something smaller.

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