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Folding Lightweight Aluminum MC1296

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Prairie View Bike Loading Ramp Every time I tell of a long motorcycle trip, there is an inevitable question looming in the mind and will come out at some point in the conversation: "Did you have any mechanical problems?" It is sometimes asked bluntly and other times delivered in a quiet voice that overcompensates for the discomfort of potentially insulting your bike's quality. Most modern bikes don't have frequent breakdowns, but it will be a few generations before these questions dissipate.

Honestly, mechanical problems do crop up, and some are bigger than the rider's wealth of repair knowledge. Cell phones are more useful than wrenches in these situations, because everyone knows someone with a pickup truck. So, the call is made, but you'll still need to load the bike onto the truck. And a ramp from Prairie View can help get those hundreds of pounds of metal up onto the bed.

Prairie View ramps are strong, lightweight aluminum. The MC1296 weighs just 24 pounds and can tolerate 1,000 pounds. An anti-slip surface provides traction and reduces disconcerting skidding as you carefully run your bike up, hoping it doesn't tip over.

The MC1296 folds in half for storage and is 8 feet long and 12.5 inches wide. That may not be wide enough for you to ride up comfortably, but it will get your machine up there, and a 1.5 inch curb on the edge will prevent your from running your tire off the edge unnoticed. Prairie View has bigger ramps if you want one that is ride-ready, but the MC1296 is under $200 where the larger ramp will cost you for the convenience.

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