Fly Folding Ramp

M/C Aluminum 7.5 Foot

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Fly Folding Ramp When it comes to getting your bike into the bed of your truck, there aren't a whole lot of ways to do it. Sure, that nasty old deck plank you found behind your grandparents' shed works, but eventually you might want something a bit sturdier and better constructed than a water-logged piece of plywood. Every rider has a ramp of some kind. Not everyone has one that folds in half though.

Fly's Aluminum 7 1/2 foot ramp does just that. Why might you want your ramp to fold in half? Two reasons, really:

First, if you drive a smaller truck with a shorter bed, sometimes a full-sized ramp just doesn't fit. Second, being able to fold your ramp in half allows you to lock it up inside the cab of your truck to thwart off would-be thieves.

Fly's folding ramp takes care of all of that. It's made of 6061 T6 aluminum, has a polished finish, and can hold a load of up to 400 lbs. The tongue is attached to the ramp via a thick weld and has a non-slip rubber pad attached to it. That rubber has been known to come off over time, but that doesn't really affect the functionality of the ramp.

At almost 8 feet when fully extended, this ramp is nice for trucks with higher beds. The folks at Fly know what they are doing. This ramp is built to last and will realistically outlive your bike.

Another ramp to consider is this one from Prairie View.

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