Harley-Davidson Air Pump Suspension

Touring Motorcycle Suspension Kit, Adjustable Swivel Bleed Valve

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Harley-Davidson Air Pump Suspension Hang on a second. Listen really closely when you go over that speed bump. Can you hear that scraping sound of your center stand or rear fender hitting the asphalt? Come on, don't even pretend you can't hear it. Everyone behind you and around you can. I know you've checked your tires, they're good and full, and besides the few holiday pounds you gained, you probably don't think there's much else you can do, right?

Well, it just so happens that the guys from Harley-Davidson knows a thing or two about adjusting those air suspensions on your touring bike when you're on the go. The Suspension Air Pump is a great way to add some resistance and keep you from scraping metal on the ground. Not only is it compact and lightweight with its aluminum housing, but it can be stowed away in one of your side bags. It has a controllable "micro bleed" valve which allows adjustment to air volume. It also has a built-in psi gauge and a 4.5-inch swivel air hose valve stem attachment. This won't beat going to a shop and letting the mechanics adjust it professionally, but it could keep the road from eating at the bottom of your ride.

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