Hand Pump Oil Extractor by Autosport

Motorcycle Mechanic Dipstick Tool for Preventing Spills

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Hand Pump Oil Extractor by Autosport I've found that, depending on your living situation, sometimes it's not easy to do your own maintenance on your bike or car. If you live in an apartment complex, I'm sure you've had to deal with the manager yelling at you for changing the oil, even if you have cardboard or rags for clean-up. Sure, oil can be messy, but it all depends on the tools you have at your disposal.

AutoSport makes just the right tool for oil changes. The Hand Pump Oil Extractor is one of those little gizmos that was designed by a mechanic, for a mechanic. It's designed to prevent any overspills or accidental puddles of oil across the pavement by using suction to remove the oil from your engine, instead of letting the oil drip out of the drain bolt. You stuff the suction tube down the dipstick tube and pump, the Extractor does the rest and sucks up all 95% of the oil in the engine. The Hand Pump Oil Extractor comes with two different sizes of tubes, which you can use on for your motorcycle or car. In fact, the Extractor will hold up to 7 quarts of oil, which is plenty for most cars or bikes. It has a safety float valve that will automatically shut off the suction of oil if it is too full. It might seem a little weird sucking the oil out, instead of letting it drain out, but it works really well and keeps your hands a little cleaner.

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