Suzuki Pro Tire Pressure Gauge

Braided Steel Performance C90

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Suzuki Pro Tire Pressure Gauge Tire pressure gauges are nothing tools. You can pick them up for under a buck at most auto parts stores and, if you want to get fancy, you can get a $4 gauge. This is how I once saw tire gauges. Now, every time I want to check my air, I have to bend the valve stem more than I'd like. It's actually difficult to find a gauge with the right angle and, because I like to check my tires often, I know I'm adding undue wear on that valve stem.

Suzuki makes their own tire gauge for the bikes they manufacture, designed to make adjusting your pressure, downward at least, an easy task. The push button release valve permits you to let out some air without moving the gauge and permits a constant reading of your pressure between 0 and 60 psi. A length of braided steel hose puts the gauge up where you can see it while you adjust the swivel angled chuck.

This is all surprisingly convenient for a tire gauge; it's also a little beyond necessary. If you insist on having the best equipment for maintaining your machine, then go ahead and spend the $25 or $30. It makes sense for performance machines where you need to know your specific pressure on every ride. Suzuki will even throw in a rubber armored case to maintain this quality tool. For my part, it seems like one could find something that will do the job needed for a little less cash.

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