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Sport Bike Heavy Duty | 60 psi 08-0402

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Motion Pro Tire Gauge Sport 60PSITire pressure is one of the most critical yet often most overlooked maintenance issues on a motorcycle. Your tires are the only things on your bike that actually touch the road so it would seem wise to take care of them. Considering changes in your tire pressure can dramatically affect safety and the way your ride handles, it would seem logical that you strive to get the most accurate reading possible.

The Motion Pro Tools Pro Tire Gauge is a professional grade gauge. With a pressure range of 0-60 psi it is meant for sport bikes. Its liquid-filled 2.5 inch dial gauge is covered with a nice tough layer of thick and protective rubber. That's all connected to a nice-looking blue anodized aluminum body with a pressure relief valve and heavy duty, high pressure hose.

Motion Pro says the gauge is accurate to plus/minus 1.5 percent of the maximum reading. Looks aside, accuracy of this type of gauge is what really sets it apart from your standard pen-style gauge. The price may be a bit hard to swallow but just know that a change to your optimum tire pressure by even a few psi equates out to a significant percentage change in total tire pressure. Accurate tire pressure really is critical to the performance of your bike. If you are a serious racer or even a casual rider, the peace of mind that comes with knowing the only thing between you and the pavement is running at its peak performance level is worth the price.

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