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Fire Fox Route 66 Intercom Once I was riding to Reno from Portland, Oregon, with a group of friends. We had more than one mishap on that trip including electrical problems with my bike. At one point, as we were tearing down a two-lane highway in the middle of nowhere, my friend Dana pulled up close to me and started pointing at the front of my bike. Dana was riding a large, extremely fast Savage, and just prior to leaving on the trip we had gotten the brilliant idea of popping out the baffles on her pipes so it would be even faster. Of course the
other result of this was that her bike was Unbelievably Loud. The back-firing alone drove off deer for hundreds of miles. So, try as she might, Dana pointed and shouted, but I could not hear her telling me that my headlight was out. Then the sun went down.

We would have really appreciated the Fire Fox Route 66 Intercom. This system is designed specifically for loud environments. The throat-mic picks up voice signals from vibrations in the neck instead of the air, so background noise does not register. The system includes an intercom unit, two neck-rings with throat-mics, and D-ring earpieces that can be inserted in your helmet if you want. It also includes a receptor that can be used to plug in your mp3 player, and comes with a Fox Sox carrying case.

This is truly the next generation of on-the-bike communication. Gone are the days of massive microphone headsets typically seen on Goldwingers. The sound quality is excellent, and the whole product is designed for comfort and performance. The throat-mic fits on almost any neck. It runs about $155 and beats riding into the desert with no headlight, anytime.

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