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Chatterbox FRS X2 Motorcycle Intercom My first thought, when I looked at this headset, was: "what a crazy thing that is!" It's a far cry from the big intercom-things that you see on couples who are riding two-up on Goldwings. I've always snickered at intercoms on bikers, wondering what they talk about -- where to stop for dinner, for instance? This is why there is a time-tested set of hand signals. There's the "I need Gas" hand signal, the "Slow down, carcass in the road" hand signal, the "I have to pee" hand signal, and the "There's the Man" hand signal. But upon closer inspection, I have to admit that this communication set is pretty cool.

This intercom is designed for full-face helmet wearers, so if you sport a beanie and like to ride in a wife-beater, you're out of luck. It mounts on your shoulder and has an amazing 2-mile range. That's not bad for something you can use while still moving down the road!

The ChatterBox FRS is built for noise reduction. It has an illuminated display voice-activated or push-to-talk feature with built-in intercom, in case you're talking to your passenger instead of your buddy further down the road. It also includes cellular phone input, audio input with full stereo sound

(hello , tunes!), and voice prompted GPS input. And yes, it is water resistant.

The Chatterbox FRS runs on rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and runs about $250. Now, that's a lot of cash, but if you ride a lot and you ride distances, it may be worth it. It beats pulling up as close as you can to your buddy without causing a crash and screaming that you have a bee in your shirt.

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