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Communication Intercom BHS-500

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IMC Camos Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset Flashing your high beams or using hand signals works for simple communication, but only if your riding buddy is actually looking at you. For those important communications, or if you're the chatty type, IMC's Camos BHS-500 Bluetooth headset provides a ride friendly, hands-free intercom system.

The Camos uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology, which means faster communication and longer battery life. On a single two-hour charge, the Camos will last 150 hours in standby and give you 10 hours of talk time. That much talk time seems unnecessary, but it's perfect if you're camping and away from an outlet for a couple days.

Communication with your fellow rider is the intention behind the Camos, but you can also connect to Bluetooth-compatible cell phones, GPS units, or mp3 players. Using another device won't negate your connection with the helmet-to-helmet intercom.

Noise cancellation filters mean you'll hear what your buddy has to say instead of the roar of wind noise in his or her helmet. The system has both wired and boom microphones for full and open helmets, respectively.

The Camos is waterproof and will maintain acoustic quality up to 80 mph, according to the manufacturer. The stereo sound is a huge plus over single speaker systems, and voice command capabilities let you keep your hands on the handlebars. There have been complaints about set-up difficulty, but once it's up and running the Camos is easy to use.

As always, though, be cautious with any communication devices. The highway is no place for impassioned cell phone conversations.

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