Nady Systems PMC-2X

Rider Communication Intercom Headset

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Nady Systems PMC-2X Motorcycle IntercomYou may not want to hear what your passenger has to say, but voice communication is a lot easier (and probably safer) than trying to decipher barely comprehensible hand gestures and/or being thumped on your back or helmet -- unless you just enjoy this sort of thing.

Nady System's PMC-2X has noise-cancelling microphones which work fairly well, even at speed. With full duplex capability, both passenger and driver can speak at the same time, just like in real life. The "communicator" unit can be worn on your belt or placed in a pocket, and the microphone/earpieces fit all helmets with no cutting or drilling. Controls are the touch-pad type, except for the volume control, which is a small wheel. This is more easily adjusted prior to the ride than during, as the wheel is small and difficult to tune with gloves on. There is a jack for connecting a CD player to it as well.

The intercom system is self-contained, operating on three AAA batteries. But with the optional Battery Eliminator, it can be powered by plugging into your engine's charging system.

Included are two MO-1 type headsets; if you prefer to hear through both ears, you'll want to purchase the optional two-earpiece headsets. Another option is an adapter cable for connecting an FRS/GMRS or PMR radio with VOX, which will allow you to communicate with another bike.

Among a fair number of competitors in the driver-to-passenger audio communications business, Nady Systems offers the most reasonably priced choice. With electronics, you typically get what you pay for. But at this comparatively low cost, it might be hard to beat Nady's product for day trips and occasional use.

Here's a more hi-tech intercom set that uses Bluetooth.

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