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Backpack Black XL

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Axio Hybrid Hardpack Storage Bag Saddlebags and fender racks aren't everybody's cup of tea. A lot of riders prefer the look and convenience of being able to just strap on a nice backpack, saddle up, and go. Finding a bag that looks good and works well is the challenge. Axio's Hybrid Black XL Hardpack is an attempt to find that sweet spot between fashion and functionality.

The Hybrid Hardpack, like its name implies, is a rigid design. Even when it's empty, it will keep its sleek rounded shape. That curved design helps divert wind rather than act as a parachute when you are blazing down the interstate. It's made from Axio's semi-rigid foam which also offers your back some protection if you happen to lay the bike down.

The bag has all the goodies you have come to expect from a backpack. It's got enough pockets to make your third-grader drool. There are pockets for pens, keys, knick-nacks, doo-dads, and even larger pockets to hold binders, folders, and papers.

A good pack also has to be comfy on your shoulders, and the Hybrid comes equipped with nice big shoulder straps. The straps themselves have pockets in them so you can easily pack your mp3 player or cell phone. The back panel of the bag is also nice and breathable to help prevent those lovely sweat stains from building up.

The look of hardpack isn't for everyone, but this one is actually pretty low profile so you should be able to carry it in to school or work without people asking why you're dressed like a ninja turtle. So if the price fits your budget and you dig the style, check it out.

Here's a hard backpack by Axio that also works just as well as a tail bag.

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