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Axio Swift 2.0 Hardpack It may not make a lot of sense, but breaking my laptop in a crash would cost me more than breaking a leg. I'm not saying I'd rather one over the other. Frankly, I find the whole scenario distasteful, but a rigid shell can do as much to protect your electronics as rigid armor can protect your bones.

Multiple compartments in the Axio Swift 2.0 hardpack give everything a snug home as you ride. A laptop, notebooks, pens, books, a camera, and more can fit in the 1,800 cubic inches of storage space. There is even a semi-concealed pocket for sensitive items like passports and billfolds.

Constructed of polycarbonate, the shell is aerodynamically designed. You won't feel a drag when you lean in to zip past that RV on the freeway. The shoulder straps are padded and contain a cell phone pouch for easy access. Mesh panels and a rigid channel on the back allow air to circulate and prevent that disgusting sweaty back feeling.

The look is futuristic fun, and 5 color selections let you exercise your personal preferences, but the Axio Swift 2.0 suffers for the safety it provides your possessions. Like all hard bags, it becomes inconvenient as soon as you remove it. You cannot set it on its end and rifle through it, because it will not stay upright. If you're in class or a meeting and you move it or lay it down quickly, it will make quite a clatter.

A lack of convenience is the price you pay for excellent protection. If you've ever had someone stack something heavy on your pack and found the broken remains of something you loved, you'll benefit from a hard bag -- and the Swift is one of the better ones.

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