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<img src="" alt="Axio Tekno Hardpack " height="300" align="right" />When you're on your bike the last thing you need slowing you down is your backpack. Many conventional backpacks act more like parachutes than book bags. Thankfully, lots of manufacturers offer more aerodynamic designs aimed at cutting through the wind rather than catching it.

Axio is a major player in the motorcycle accessories world and its Tekno Hardpack backpack is designed to be everything you need in a backpack and more.

The Tekno is made from tough yet lightweight material. It is a hardpack design, but it doesn't scream "turtle shell" and actually has the look of a softpack. It's water resistant and has soft and breathable material on both the back and straps. This bag is perfect for the student since there are a variety of different pockets inside, including a fleece-lined 17-inch laptop pocket with an elastic closure. The pockets are all separated with Axio's two-zone compartment system, so everything doesn't get all banged up when you are riding.

Overall this is a great looking bag that has all the benefits of a hardpack with all the style of a more conventional backpack. It's a good choice for college kids or anyone looking for a compact and sturdy bag.
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