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Motorcycle or Bike Backpack, Black Shrapnel

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Rapid Transit Shrapnel Laptop Back PackThis weekend I will be riding 600 miles north to visit with family, and I am taking my computer with me. Most of the work I do is on my laptop. While I'm sure I would change my mind when lying bleeding on the pavement, I'm of the current opinion that a broken leg would be less of an inconvenience than a broken computer.

Rapid Transit's Shrapnel backpack is made for two things: carrying a laptop and carrying it on a bike. The Shrapnel is resistant to wind and water and comes with a rain cover -- because computers and moisture do not generally get along.

Padding in the back and shoulder straps offers comfort to the rider, regardless of the bulk of your jacket. There is storage designed for audio systems with headphone jack access as well as storage designed to protect eyewear. Electronics don't take kindly to vibration, so chest and waist compression straps turn your body into a big, squishy shock absorber.

The Shrapnel is 20.1 inches by 11.8 inches by 7.9 inches, providing 1,874 cubic inches of storage space strapped to your back. You can have faith that, if your laptop meets an unfortunate end, it's likely you've bigger problems with which to contend. Strong, strapped, and a product of (and for) the technology of the 21st century, this is an indispensable accessory for the wired-in biker. I find the name "Shrapnel" to be poorly chosen, but consider that it prevents your computer from becoming just that.

For additional safety, consider a hardpack like this one from Axio.

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  1. Poldka Says:

    Jaz ga takoj kupim.
    Kje lahko kupim ta nahrbtnik?

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