Accel Universal Super Coil Kit

CDI Ignition Boost

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Accel Universal Super Coil Kit This one comes with a warning right up front: these kits are for CDI (capacitive discharge ignition) systems only. You'll want to make certain you know what type ignition system you have, or you could damage your bike's electronic ignition module.

If you don't know what you have, there's a simple test you can perform with a voltmeter or test light -- and instructions on how to perform that test are available on the Accel website and on just about every website that sells the Accel coil kits.

The Universal Super Coil kit will certainly amp up your ignition system. You are unlikely to suffer from low or weak spark ever again. That bold yellow can be a nice accent on your engine, too. Mind where you mount ‘em, however; I used to get a high-voltage wake-up call from my left knee every time it rained.

Installing this kit may increase your horsepower by a fraction, but probably only a fraction at best. Hot coils can help burn fuel more completely, but they're not a remedy for poorly-adjusted carbs or EFI systems. If you're using lots of fuel or the exhaust smells strongly of fuel, it might be time to measure the fuel delivery to the cylinder(s).

Accel has been electrifying engines for a long time, and they produce quality engine ignition components. The Super Coil kit comes with everything you need to install it and run it.

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