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Carburetor Fuel Injection

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90-08 Suzuki DR650 S Technology is advancing all around us at breakneck speed, and motorcycle engineering is no exception. The overall components, like carburetors and clutch plates, are still common to most makes and models, but the materials and construction of those parts are far different than they were in the days of old. Fortunately, numerous aftermarket parts are available to bring your bike up to speed.

Dynojet works very hard to bring cutting-edge carburetor technology to bikes that are running rough or just aren't getting the most out of their carbs due to aftermarket parts. Older machines can get a rejuvenating power boost from this kit. The Dynojet system is only around $60 and can provide a power increase of 5 percent or more. This jet kit will deliver smooth, consistent power across the rev range.

Kits are sold for everything from standard to sport bikes by most major manufacturers. According to Dynojet, this kit will give you the optimum fuel economy with an injection-like effect. The needle design permits adjustment to your bike's fuel needs at idle or when you're buzzing down the freeway.

Companies often sell kits with detailed instructions, but Dynojet goes one step farther. Along with their extensive, step-by-step instructions, you will have access to free telephone and online support. With all of this help you can be confident in a flawless installation, and that's a comforting thought.

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