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Accel Professional Crimping ToolUnfortunately, working with wiring is more than cutting and splicing. On the rare occasions that I sit down to do electrical work, I lay out my collection of cheap wire cutters and proceed to make a bloody mess out of my wiring. This is not entirely due to incompetence, although there's a fare share of that mixed in, but my frustration is born of my reluctance to buy the right tool.

It's unlikely that I'll ever do a lot of work with my wiring, and that's why I haven't bought a good crimping tool. But if you ever want to do your own custom wiring, a crimping tool is indispensable. There is no substitute for the right tool, and the crimping tool by Accel is exactly what you need if you're going to work with wires. If you're not a novice, you already know that Accel's crimpers are a good buy.

Accel's professional crimping tool is a precision piece of equipment engineered for specificity. The hardened steel frame is equipped with non-slip grips and 3 removable jaws for varying tasks. The removable jaws will save you the money and toolbox space associated with buying sets of strippers and crimpers. You can use these for simple things like hooking up aftermarket lights, or for working on your spark plug wires and primary terminals. Finding the right tool in your garage can open up new worlds of possibility and greatly reduce mistakes as well as general feelings of idiocy.

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