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Yuasa Xtreme Volts Gel MotorcycleElectricity runs or regulates every powered device on Earth. And without batteries we'd have no autonomy off the power grids. With more and more demands being placed on motorcycle electrics, batteries must be able to meet that demand as well as conforming to space and weight considerations.

Now we have the Yuasa Xtreme Volts gel (or sealed) battery. In the industry, these are known as VRLAs, or valve regulated lead-acid batteries. And this is where we learn that "sealed" is a misnomer; a battery must be vented due to the excess hydrogen produced, and in VRLAs this is achieved by a one-way pressure release valve. To complicate the issue even more, these batteries are more properly called "recombinant," meaning the oxygen from the positive plates will mix with the hydrogen evolving on the negative plates to form water, and so prevent water loss. The "gel" is a gelified electrolyte: sulfuric acid combined with a silica fume to make the electrolyte immobile. Awesome! Anyway, for us it just means longer-lasting, reliable, low-maintenance batteries.

Yuasa's been in the motorcycle battery business since 1979. They began supplying batteries for Honda, and have included their scope to manufacturers from Buell to Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson to Victory, and Indian to Excelsior-Henderson. Chances are they've made a battery to fit your bike. In partnership with Honda, they're currently building a new lithium battery plant, with production slated to begin in the fall of 2010.

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