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Amanet Fluorescent Scotchlite Velcro

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Safety Reflective Orange Vest Much of the time, the manufacturers of riding gear are trying to satisfy the needs and the wants of riders. A compromise is struck between safety and style. This is not even remotely the case with this reflective vest by Amanet. Safety is really the only factor of concern with this bright, bright, bright orange reflective vest.

If you've made the association with construction workers, that is because the idea is the same: be seen, be safe. Night or day, this fluorescent vest, featuring 2-inch wide 3M Scotchlite reflective stripes, will call attention to you. Who needs pipes to be loud when you dress like this?

The drawbacks are obvious and impractical because they are all rooted in our narcissistic desire to communicate a style. Impractical as that is, it's not going away any time soon, but there are times and places for practicality. Commuting to and from work on the bike has nothing to do with style and places you in the midst of the most dangerous time on the road. It could save your life to throw this vest over your gear on your commute, even if you leave it home for your pleasure riding.

I'm sure Amanet suspects folks to be lazy about safety gear, so they made this vest easy. It is front-opening and can be thrown on in seconds, fitting over bulky gear if necessary, and connects with Velcro. No zippers. No buttons. No excuses. The Amanet vest is also under $20.

On a side note, and I am not advising that you should ever attempt such a thing, but I was once told that if you have a bright orange vest, a clipboard, and a hardhat, people will let you do just about anything. There's something official about this stuff.

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