Vixen Ladies Black Leather Vest by Hot Leathers

Womens Motorcycle Vest w/ Napa Leather, Elastic Waist

Posted by Andy

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Vixen Ladies Black Leather Vest by HotThere are few things in life that I wish I could do more than ride through an open country road on a nice sunny day with an attractive girl on the back seat holding on to the sissy bars of my bike. I wouldn't mind in the slightest if all she was wearing on top was the Vixen Ladies' Leather Motorcycle Vest made by Hot Leathers. But, let's just get back to reality for a moment. If you're a woman who thinks that a vest like this is going to protect you from a fall, you are sadly mistaken. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the ride knowing that there's nothing protecting her from potential skin grafts if something were to happen.

Sure, the Vixen Ladies' Vest is made from top grain Napa Leather and has elastic around the waist to ensure a nice fit -- but (guys I'm not trying to ruin a good thing here) this vest doesn't offer much safety protection from even a bug hitting you on the ride. The nice thing about this vest is it comes in sizes ranging from XS to XL.

This vest would make a great costume for a Halloween party, or even a biker rally, but I would hope that any sensible woman would choose to throw a good riding jacket over the top of it when you actually go out to ride. Here's one that would work.

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