Nolan Special N102 Modular Helmet

N-Com Motorcycle DOT Approved Polycarbonate Shell

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Nolan Special N102 Modular Helmet Evolution is the one thing that all forms of life share on the planet -- well, that and being carbon-based. We've evolved our ways of thinking, building, and manufacturing safety for the human race since the coming of things that can make us travel faster than we can run. One bit of safety gear that is always improving is the motorcycle helmet, and the Nolan N102 Special Modular N-Com Helmet is just another step in our head protection evolution.

The N102 is a DOT helmet designed with an aerodynamic polycarbonate shell with built-in spoiler for improved stability, so at 90 mph you'll have less bobbing and head jerking than in a standard modular helmet. Speaking of the pivoting chin bar, it uses a stainless-steel latching system (none of that cheap plastic that breaks after a couple hundred uses). It is also set up for the N-Com communication system -- just plug and play. Other evolutionary changes are the Jet Stream Wing top vent and the independently operated chinbar vent. These allow you to decide how much airflow you're getting and make for a much more comfortable ride. With other great features like the antimicrobial hypoallergenic interior pads and an optically correct, UV-protected quick-change lexan face shield, you're bound to be on the top of the food chain in the motorcycle group. The Nolan N102 also comes with a chin curtain. If you're looking for even another step up the evolution ladder, check out the Nolan N103 here.

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