Nolan Trilogy Modular Helmet, Black N43

Full or Open Face DOT Certified

Posted by Tim

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Nolan Trilogy Modular Helmet, Black N43 I think I have seen more -- umm -- interesting helmet designs in the last year than in any year previous. The Nolan Trilogy N43 fits firmly into this "interesting" design category. Nolan claims that the N43 is a "6-in-1 crossover helmet". This basically means it is a convertible helmet that adjusts to different conditions with its various configurations.

Truly, there are a bevy of features in the N43. It is ready for the Nolan N-COM communication system. It has a clear shield, an integrated sun shield, a visor peak, and removable chin-bar. Those three aforementioned features are the ones that translate into the helmet's versatility (full-face, open-face, and dirt-oriented).

It has a rather aggressive (some would say obtrusive) looking top vent. Unfortunately, many owners report that it moves surprising little air. That means that when this helmet is in its full-face configuration, it may tend to be a bit hot.

I think the Nolan N43 is an ambitious entry into the helmet world. Some riders (including me) would say it may prove to be too ambitious. Sometimes when a company develops a product that tries to be "all things to all riders", it doesn't function exceedingly in any specific area.

However, Nolan is a quality helmet company, and this DOT-certified helmet is certainly designed and built to Nolan's typical standards. It may just be a helmet that tries to do too much.

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