Nolan DOT Approved Half Helmet, Open Face

Black Cruise Outlaw Lexan

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Nolan Cruise Outlaw Half Helmet The DOT half helmet seems like a wise-ass invention. It's like saying, "I'll protect my head, but only enough so I don't get pulled over." That's not the only way to look at it, but I find it to be the most amusing way to look at it.

Nolan's Cruise half helmet, otherwise incorrectly labeled their "Outlaw" helmet, is a legal way to get the wind in your face. Constructed of GE Lexan, you can get the Outlaw with a matte or polished clear-coat finish. There is a removable neck curtain for those windy days where you regret your ballsy obstinacy against full-face helmets. You're also given the option of a snap-on visor if you're so inclined.

The extra material added to a half helmet to make it DOT approved can still cause you to get pretty warm. Nolan has included forehead vents in the design to prevent sweat from rolling down your exposed face. The interior is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Padded chin straps will prevent you from wearing a dent around your neck that makes you look like you just barely escaped your own hanging.

While this is one of the safer half helmets on the market, I dare say that's not what the half helmet consumer is seeking. There are always buyers on the fringe who want to get out from behind the chin bar without lending their brain over to destruction, but most people looking for one of these skull caps are going to be disappointed with the bulk of it. Getting that DOT approval always results in this compromise, but if it's any consolation, this is a Nolan helmet and they're known for quality.

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