Nelson-Rigg Motorcycle Rain Boot Cover

Waterproof PVC Black w/ Rubber Sole

Posted by Andy

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Nelson-Rigg Motorcycle Rain Boot Cover There isn't a job in human history where the person on camera can be wrong 90% of the time and still get paid like that of a weatherman. I know there is a lot of schooling, and meteorology is a science, but it can get really annoying as a daily rider when they say it's going to be sunny in the morning and it ends up being a heavy rain-shower-like day halfway to work. Well, after living in the Northwest for as long as I have, you really start to appreciate the inventions designed to cover you up and keep you dry on a whim.

The Nelson-Rigg Waterproof Rain Boot covers are made from 100% waterproof polyester with PVC backing. They're designed to be worn over your tennis shoes or non-waterproof boots to protect them from the rain and moisture that's associated with riding in the rain. They're flexible enough that you can wear them under your pants or even your chaps and feature a rubberized sole for strength and durability. There is even a nice reflective binding strip that goes over the heel, which is great for nighttime visibility. These are a neat little portable way to keep your shoes and feet dry when that rain cloud shows up on your way home from work.

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