Vintage Touring Motorcycle Seat, Black Vinyl

Aftermarket Mustang Wide Cushion 76143

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Mustang Wide Vintage Tour Seat 76143 My thought process while test-riding a Shadow with a stock seat last year: "This seat is kind of hard, but it seems alright. This is starting to get uncomfortable. Maybe if I shift my weight it will help. I think my leg is asleep. I think both of my legs are asleep!"

Your rear is the main contact point between your bike and you, so if that's not comfortable, you'll be stopping every 50 miles. If you've any intention of taking a long trip, don't underestimate what the right seat can do for you.

Mustang's Vintage Wide touring seat is one of their "no frills" models, which means they didn't add fancy baubles like chrome studs. The Vintage is a seat for someone who just wants a good, cozy ride and not a lot of flash, although you can get similar models from Mustang with all the frills and flare.

At 14.5 inches wide, this seat is made for a low, relaxed riding position. A deep pocket and forward-set passenger seat give the rider some much-needed lower back support. If you don't like the look of backrests but want the support, the Mustang Vintage should fit the bill.

Mustang provides a 10.5-inch wide passenger seat, so everyone is comfortable. Constructed of tough vinyl and made in the U.S.A., the Mustang Vintage is not going to be a pain in the... you know.

If you and your passenger want to hear each other clearly on the road, here's a headset for your perusal.

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