Motorcycle Helmet Pigtails Hair by Cycleblind

Biker Ponytails for Gloss or Matte

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Motorcycle Helmet Pigtails Hair byLiving in Portland, you see a lot of strange and unusual sights. It's not uncommon for you to stroll down the block and witness a gentleman dressed in a suit exchanging four letter words with a squirrel, or a person wearing hardly anything at all while riding on top of a two-story bicycle. Even with things like that going on around town, I still noticed a girl speeding past me on her moped wearing a pair of these helmet Pigtails. I thought they looked interesting, so I caught up with her and asked a few questions.

They're made by Cycleblind, which is a company that produces them right here in the USA. They're 12 inches long and are sold in pairs. "Will it stay on?" you ask. Well, these pigtails are fastened to your helmet almost as strong as if they were screwed straight to your head. They have been tested at 70 mph during a 90-degree day road test and didn't fall off the helmet one bit. Cycleblind is a team of motorcycle riders who built this accessory for motorcycle riders. They not only work on gloss painted helmets, but each set of pigtails comes with a kit that will allow you to mount them to your matte helmets as well. The pigtails are available in Green, Black, Burgundy, Blond, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and White. If you've been looking for a way to get noticed, these will help.

If you're not into the pigtail idea, check out these cool mohawks instead.

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