THH Red Silver Motorcycle Helmet

Modular Flip Up ABS Polycarbonate DOT & ECE

Posted by Andy

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THH Red Silver Motorcycle Helmet Modular motorcycle helmets can be a really handy thing to have, especially if you're someone like me who enjoys yelling at the people who cut you off and nearly run you over. I feel like the full effect of my concern of my well being and the frustration that I feel for not being noticed is best conveyed with the expletives that flow out of my mouth at an alarming rate without being muffled by a stationary chin guard.

The Red-Silver Flip Up Modular helmet, made by THH Helmets, may not have been designed solely for ease of expressing yourself verbally, but it is a bonus. THH helmets are DOT/ECE rated, and are made out of a DOT approved ABS Plastic and Polycarbonate blend. The shell is designed to limit wind buffering and noise. The plush interior liner is removable and washable, too. The modular chin can be lifted with one click thanks to their quick-release base system. This is especially handy if you have glasses, because you won't need to take them off to get this helmet on. The venting is also plentiful and helps reduce the amount of fog on the face shield as well as keeping the rest of your head nice and cool on those hot days riding.

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