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Icon Mens Recon Pants Personal protection equipment has its limits where the cumbersome nature begins to reduce its effectiveness. I have short legs, and every layer you add to those stems makes me that much less mobile. Armored pants don't do you much good if the restriction of them is what causes you to go down, so I wear jeans when I ride. Also, I already own jeans -- and they wear better to the post office than racing leathers.

Icon's Recon pants are jeans. They fit like jeans, they hang like jeans, they look like jeans, but they have a lot more to offer than your favorite pair of denim threads. Recon riding pants are made of durable, heavy denim that will take the brunt of a slide and boast reinforced knees and hips.

In order to give these heavyweight pants the kind of flexibility you get with your comfy jeans, the ones you only take out when you have a project to do because they show their years of loving wear, Icon has included expansion panels. These breathable panels above the reinforced knee and along the inner thigh retain the pant's durability while providing enough slack for you to twist yourself into your favorite riding position.

The price is not so different from a regular pair of jeans, and the cut gives the rider a classic, relaxed look that hasn't been out of style since a hiccup in the early '80s. If you're looking for a different cut, Icon has other brands of riding jeans like the Victory.

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