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Icon Womens Jeans I'm a fan of protection, but since I commute on my bike I don't want to be wearing leather pants or textile riding pants that are waist-to-ankle armor. These women's jeans, designed for riding, fit the bill -- and they're made by Icon to boot.

High-density 14-ounce denim offers ample abrasion protection over off-the-shelf, daily-wear jeans. The knees of Icon's jeans have been reinforced with an additional layer of denim to provide some impact resistance and a lot of abrasion defense. The seams are Kevlar stitching, so what would otherwise be the weakest point of your jeans just became the strongest.

The big bonus here is that these are regular jeans. They're reinforced for riding, but they wear, look, and cost the same as any pair of jeans. When you pick these up, they're going to feel heavy due to the density of the material, but you won't notice than when you're wearing them.

The sizing is odd. You should find a place that you can try these on or order them from a distributor that won't charge you an arm and a leg for exchanges. These are a straight leg jean, and Icon didn't go crazy trying to fit the latest fashion so there are no weird cuts or embellishments. Simple and casual, these are just what a rider wants in a pair of jeans and so much more.

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