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Icon Domain 2 Helmet Don the Domain 2 and you'll feel like an icon. Maybe.

This is Icon's best-quality offering in helmets, and comes with a spoiler on the back. The spoiler is said to reduce the air uplift while riding to give you less of that helmet-being-pulled-up feeling. It's seamed in nicely with the helmet's generous-sized vents and edgy styling, so the spoiler looks pretty cool, too.

Built from a Dyneema (a super-strong polyethylene fiber), Aramid (a branch of nylon), and carbon fiber composite, the Domain 2 is tough and fairly light for a full-face helmet. It comes with a host of features, including a removable chin curtain, a removable breath deflector, noiseless (meaning they won't whistle or hiss) side plates mounted to the face-shield, and an easy-to-operate lock for the face-shield that prevents it from popping open when turning your head while riding. Nearly every part is replaceable, too, from the vents to the liner to the face-shield; and you can even choose patterns for the cheek-pads and liner from other Domain 2 helmet designs.

Based upon the helmet graphics available, Icon's main target appears to be the sport bike and street-fighter crowd. There are plenty of choices, though, and those seeking more subtle designs will have no trouble finding something they like.

The Domain 2 tends to run a little small, almost to a full size in difference, so it's wise to try these on first. As with any helmet, fit and comfort are the most important.

Here's another helmet with a silver graphic.

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