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Full Face Carbon Fiber

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Icon Airframe Helmet There are several helmets in the $250 range that are well worth the cash, but this is the one I would buy, were I in the market for a new helmet. The Icon Airframe price is in the high middle, and the helmet is top tier.

DOT approved and Snell approved, the Airframe has passed some rigorous safety tests. You can be certain that your skull is as safe as a helmet can make it within this fiberglass, Dyneema, and carbon fiber shell.

The venting system is second to none. Intake vents on the chin and forehead are standard, and the exhaust vents on the back are popular, but the breath vents are what catch my attention. Rather than let that hot breath circulate with the rest of the exhaust, the Airframe gets it out right away and keeps it from fogging your visor.

The visor itself has a locking system so you won't have it flip up on you unintentionally. I've never had this happen, but it's still comforting to know that it won't. The Proshield visor offers optical accuracy, is fog-free, scratch-resistant, and comes in a variety of tints. One drawback is that it is not easy to pop on and off, but this is unlikely to be a concern for most riders.

Dual density EPS lining and cheek pads with HydraDry moisture wicking action provide the rider with comfort and protection, but if you want looks, the Airframe can deliver. The standard solid gloss finish is available in white, silver or black, but the Airframe line has a myriad of colors and patterns. Of their 36 colors and patterns, you can wear anything from demons and bones to pretty pink patterns to buxom babes riding spark plugs.

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