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Harley-Davidson LED Penlight You know what kind of inventions are the ones that make life easier? The ones that combine necessities together to make life easier. Take the beer bottle opener/key chain for example. The key chain keeps all of your keys in one place, and the beer bottle opener makes it so you don't have to injure yourself trying to open that container of sweet, delicious beer. There are thousands of these types of inventions, but lately I've been into this little gadget from the one and only Harley-Davidson.

It's an LED penlight, but it's got a little bit of a twist (literally). It comes with a flexible and removable fiber optic pointer that lets you focus the bright LED light into hard-to-get-at areas. This is perfect when you're trying to see that mysterious bolt that you can't quite see with a standard flash light. The penlight itself produces over 15 lumens of clean blue/white light that's about the equivalent of a 95 watt bulb (I looked it up!). The Harley-Davidson Penlight is powered by just two AA batteries and will last up to 10 hours continuously, and if used properly, the LED bulbs will last forever. Not a bad idea for a gift if you've got a mechanic in the house, or want to send one to your favorite review writer. *Wink*

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