GoPro Wrist HERO HD

Motorcycle Mounted Digital Video Camera, 5 Megapixel

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GoPro Wrist HERO Once on a ride through northern California, I came around a corner in a small canyon, only to find the landscape open into a flatland on my left, and running toward me was a small herd of wild horses. It was one of the most beautiful things I ever saw. Another time an eagle swooped down over me as I rode alone on a deserted highway, flying no more than 15 feet over me, and looking down as if checking me out. It was one of those things you can't quite describe to other people.

The GoPro HERO Wrist Motorcycle Camera makes capturing unique moments possible -- maybe not entirely safe, but at least possible.

The GoPro HERO straps to your wrist and is adjustable for size. It is waterproof (!) AND it shoots video, up to 56 minutes. At 5 megapixels, it does not deliver the most refined picture, but you're shooting from your moving motorcycle, so keep it in perspective. Originally designed for surfers in northern California, the HERO is engineered for convenience and durability. Its patented design allows it to be worn flat on the wrist but able to quickly pivot upright for aiming the shot. Even in this upright position, the camera is securely attached to your wrist. And wait -- it gets better -- you can purchase a housing that allows you to attach the camera to your helmet or your bike.

The GoPro HERO isn't cheap, but if you capture the photo you'd never otherwise get, it might be worth every penny.

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