GoPro Hero Camera Mount Kit for Handlebar, Wide Angle

Fits Mountain Dirt Bike & Motorsport Vehicles

Posted by Tim

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GoPro Hero Camera Mount Kit forI've reviewed the GoPro Motorsports camera for this site. In short, I love the product. It comes with a variety of mounting options out of the box -- some of which are more secure than others.

Dirt bike mounting poses its own unique issues due to vibration, banging, tree branches, and the like. The GoPro Hero Motosport Handlebar Mount Kit may just be the ticket in these situations. It is a fast and secure mount for anything tubular from ¾" to 1.4". That is a fairly wide range of possibilities. Aside from the most logical home on the motorcycle's handlebar, the mount can hold to blinker stocks and tubular frames. It can also be mounted all over the place on your mountain bike.

Like the majority of the other GoPro mounts, the range of angles and positions is extremely wide. Thus, interesting camera positions and angles are possible.

The only nit to pick with the GoPro Hero Motosport Handlebar Mount Kit is that the mounting adjuster knob is a bit large and can impede mounting in some tight locations.

Overall, the mount is secure, adjustable, and easy to use. If you have a GoPro camera and a dirt bike or mountain bike, you now have a great mounting option.

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