Draggin’ Liners Motorcycle Kevlar Pants

Men’s Protective Mesh Underpant w/ Stirrups

Posted by Andy

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Draggin' Liners Motorcycle Kevlar Pants Part of the reason why I tend to not want to wear protective riding pants is because of how bulky most of them can feel when you've got a big engine and gas tank in between your legs. I'm not comfortable if the fabric is too tight, and I don't have very much room to move around when I want to. I feel like that would be the same case for most riders out there, too.

That's why I'm actually excited about the idea of something like the Draggin' Liners 100% Kevlar Pant Liners. They pretty much make any pair of jeans or slacks an instant pair of riding pants that can protect you in the event of an unexpected spill. Due to its unique mesh knit of 100% Kevlar, these liners are highly abrasion resistant, though your normal pair of jeans on the outside won't be. I'd recommend riding with a pair of pants that you're not going to miss if you happen to wreck and tear a hole in them. Draggin' put an extra layer of Kevlar in the knees and the seat area for added protection, too. Each pair of these Kevlar Liners are hand-made in the USA, so you know you're getting a good quality product.

These mesh liners are comfortable and breathable and will help circulate air during the summer, but will also help insulate you during the winter as an undergarment. The elastic on the bottom helps keep the liners from riding up on you, too.

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