Alpinestars Gloves, Black Carbon Fiber

Protective Leather Silicone SMX-2

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Alpinestars Air Carbon Gloves Ah, simplicity. So much in the riding world is about flash and flair, but I've always preferred that my apparel be straightforward, and there is nothing more straightforward than a pair of short black gloves.

Alpinestars SMX-2 gloves offer function over frills. More akin to a chopped-down pair of motocross gloves, these are perfect for street riding in the city or long trips on the cruiser. Carbon fiber knuckle protectors and articulated padding on the fingers mean riders won't have to fear a kicked-up rock or wayward bumblebee. Ample ventilation will keep your mitts sweat-free. Be warned, these are not designed for cold weather or rain.

The short styling lets you retain wrist flexibility, and the light design won't make you feel like you have on giant cartoon gloves. Alpinestars has taken a page from physiology with silicone printed fingertips for better traction. The palm is synthetic leather with full-grain leather reinforcement for abrasion protection, as it's a natural response to put your palms down when you find yourself flying at the cold hard ground.

Simple in concept, you will find that the SMX-2 provides a great fit and feel. The design, however, got a bit complicated when Alpinestars started sewing together leather, textile, silicon, and synthetic leather. All of these varied materials create uneven stress on the seams, and some have been known to get loose. A sad mark, as Alpinestars normally has acceptable stitch work.

These $70 gloves will ride with a natural feel. You might be able to find something less expensive that hasn't been so mottled together, but these do follow with Alpinestars reputation for quality otherwise.

The SP-S gloves are another carbon fiber offering from Alpinestars.

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