Xelement Waterproof Motorcycle Saddlebags

Skull Classic Black PVC

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Xelement Waterproof MotorcycleIt took one trip in a downpour to learn many lessons. One of these lessons was that my saddlebags were not waterproof. My bags were leather, and they probably held the water at bay for a while, but eventually they started sopping it up like a couple of old, dry sponges. I had to spend the evening wrapped in blankets at my in-laws' house because I had no dry clothes. It was not my most comfortable of moments with my significant other's family.

Xelement's waterproof bags will save you the embarrassment I suffered, but will also give you peace of mind in foul weather. PVC construction with a water-resistant lining will protect your clothes, cameras, books, or anything else you'd prefer to stay dry. Two thick buckles secure the main flap and emphasize a classic look. These bags zip off, because there's no sense in waterproof bags if you need to unpack them outside at the mercy of the elements.

When Xelement embellished these saddlebags with the skull and bones, they knew they'd be making some folks cheer and others cringe. To accommodate everyone, you can get them without the skull, and there are optional chrome studs.

The two bags combined offer about 1,700 cubic inches of storage capacity. The price is always right when you buy gear from Xelement, who seem to have everything perpetually on sale.

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