Harley-Davidson Throwover Saddlebags

Black Leather Synthetic Eagle Wing

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Harley-Davidson Throwover Saddlebags Sometimes you just need a tiny amount of storage space. In this situation, your options are to carry a bag or backpack, or have some kind of little accessory bag that is easy to take on or off. I wonder where you could find such a bag. Well, you can always look to Harley, because they seem to have the right gear for any occasion.

For the light traveler who decides to pick up a quart of oil or two on their way home from a Sunday evening relaxation ride, you have these throw-over adjustable saddlebags. I'm exaggerating a little on the smallness of them; they are a respectable size at 11 inches by 10 inches by 3.75 inches. That's enough room for a lot of folks' day-to-day riding needs, and a little extra to pack a lunch or a few materials for work.

These synthetic leather bags are embossed with the Eagle Wing logo. For obvious reasons, they will accommodate any style of bike. The throw-over nature also makes these bags easy to take with you into the store, if that's your destination. My significant other often throws his bags over his shoulder and uses them instead of a shopping cart. He gets odd looks but never overloads his bike. You can also situate these bags under your seat if your make and model will allow for it.

These are perfect if you're not committed to permanent saddlebags, or if you don't need anything too fancy. Like most things in life, these bags will wear well if you care for them properly.

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