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SixSixOne Shoulder Support BraceJust because it's your humerus doesn't mean it's funny. Far from it. A dislocation of the shoulder is extremely painful and something no one wants to repeat. It tends to lead to subluxations, or partial dislocations of the shoulder caused either by impact or from your arm being placed into an awkward position. If it happens once, it often happens again, unfortunately. Both types of this injury weaken the joint, and the effect upon the joint is cumulative with each incidence of damage.

SixSixOne specializes in protective gear for off-road motorcycling, biking, and snowboarding. Their moto-gear includes helmets, gloves, body armor, and braces that support everything from your knees to, well, your shoulder.

Their neoprene shoulder support is reversible for use with either shoulder. The cuff slips over your shoulder like the sleeve from a short-sleeved shirt, and the brace goes over your neck and upper torso. Multiple Velcro straps set the tension, and these can be positioned anywhere on the support.

The shoulder support can't completely prevent you from rotating out of your socket, but it will help keep your humerus where it belongs, aiding in preventing further damage and giving it a chance to heal. It'll also help keep the area warm while you're active for maximum comfort.

And it comes in black, which goes with anything -- so you're covered.

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