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Neck Brace Protective Armor

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EVS RC Evolution Neck BraceMotorcycle protective gear continues to evolve in some very good ways. Perhaps it's even revolutionary, and certainly to every off-road rider's benefit -- that is assuming you actually wear the safety gear.

Since 1985, EVS Sports has been developing armor for humans. They provide mid-to-high range protective equipment to cover you from head to toe. Their RC (Race Collar) Evolution brace is intended to be state-of-the-art technology for literally saving your neck. With some well-thought-out features and at half the cost of the competition, they may have nailed this one.

The brace is composed of four pieces: an adjustable four-way strap that can be connected to your chest protector; a chassis with soft rubber edges, shoulder and back support, and mesh vents for cooling; a vented, sculpted liner that rides between you and the chassis; and a modular collar with adjustable height for a comfortable fit. All of the separable components are washable, and there are no bolts or screws in this brace.

What a neck brace does is restrict side-to-side, front-to-back, and torsional hyper-extension (turning your head too far). Adjusted properly, it can also minimize compression-type injuries. As with most safety equipment, you can exceed its capabilities and still manage to break your neck. But many competition riders have reported feeling naked without these now, and testimonials continue to grow.

Your shoulder might need some extra protection, too.

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