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Signal Dynamics Diamond Star HeadlightVisibility is serious stuff in a world of distracted motorists. There are a lot of techniques that riders use to make themselves stand out, including loud pipes and high beams during the day. Unfortunately, the roads have gotten noisy and day-running lights are becoming standard on cars, so bikes are getting lost in the fray.

The Diamond Star headlight modulator, made by Signal Dynamics Corporation, pulses your headlight in daytime conditions to catch the eyes of oncoming motorists. SDC has added features for unique conditions, like the heads-up alert. This alert changes the pulse frequency of your headlight when you hit your horn. A driver would be hard-pressed to miss you with your horn blaring and lights flashing.

To comply with DOT regulations, the Diamond Star automatically shuts off at night or in low light conditions. This modulator has built-in surge protection and won't create excessive heat. In the case of a headlight failure, SDC's modulator has an emergency feature that will switch bulbs without missing a beat.

There are no buttons or dials to add. The Diamond Star modulation will be on by default when you start your bike. To turn it off, just toggle your high-low beam back and forth within one second. This unit will modulate both high and low beams, and can be installed on any make or model.

Another safe headlight add-on is this halogen headlight kit by UFO Plast.

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