Short Stalk Amber Turn Signal Set

Motorcycle Universal Oval Lens, Single Filament

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Short Stalk Amber Turn Signal Set Sugar, spice, gasoline, and a dash of reckless abandonment for self-perseverance. These were the ingredients thrown together that would build the first motorcycles ridden by man. Back then, people weren't worried about helmets or gloves. The things that we consider standard safety precautions today were most likely a less-than-second thought to the pioneers of riding. Heck, there weren't nearly as many other motorists on the road anyways. No wonder turn signals weren't placed on motorcycles until after World War II.

If you're on a bike these days without turn signals, you're just asking for trouble. You may not want to add them to an original collectible, but if you just need to replace one that mysteriously broke off, these Universal Short-Stalk Turn Signals are an inexpensive investment. They are 3" x 1.5" with an oval amber lens. They're single filament, and they can plug right in to most wiring harnesses easily. In addition to helping you not get run over, these don't look too bad for the price. They're sold as a pair too, just in case you want to make both sides match. You may have to drill new holes to mount these guys, though, depending on how the original turn signals were already stuck on there.

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