River Road Womens Basic Jacket

Black Leather Nylon w/ Liner

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River Road Womens Basic Jacket Sometimes you look at a product and you don't have to give two thoughts about its purpose. River Road's Basic leather motorcycle jacket is just that: a basic motorcycle jacket. You look at it and you know that it's cut and designed for riding because it looks like the jackets in every biker movie. Not that we're all trying to be Steve McQueen, but this style of jacket has earned a place in history, and this one is cut just for women.

Constructed of full-grain leather and with a light, quilted liner, this is an excellent jacket to protect you from abrasion. It wouldn't be an old-school jacket if it had armor, so you're going free and easy. That's great for comfort, but won't save your bones on impact. You might want to learn how to take a fall.

Nylon stitching holds all that leather together with impressive durability. Nylon thread isn't as subject to weather degradation as cotton or other natural fibers. Leather, plus nylon, equals a 2-year warranty. Keep your leather oiled, and this jacket will be with you a lot longer than that.

The Basic comes with no vents and no removable weather lining. Obviously you can wear it over a sweater in the cold, but really hot weather could get trying. The adjustable waist and zip-up collar are perfect for a good fit and to keep out the cold. Regardless of the lack of modern frills, the Women's Basic is a fine, fine jacket that makes me think I could give up some security for a little more freedom.

It'd look absolutely killer with these Bombshell boots.

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