River Road Womens Leather Chaps

5 Pocket Pants, Open Leg Snaps

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River Road Womens Leather Chaps Leave your favorite jeans and your chaps laying around together too long with some Barry White playing, and you just might end up with something akin to River Road's 5-pocket pants. These combine the best features of chaps with the convenience and styling of jeans.

Designed for women riders, these pants are cut for comfort and fit. Constructed of heavy-duty milled cowhide, the rider will be protected from abrasion but still be able to move freely without feeling restricted by the material. These will protect better than chaps because they provide full coverage.

As the name states, these pants have 5 pockets for your daily carry items, such as wallets and keys. The design also incorporates an open-leg style with snap closures at the bottom and a full-length zipper. These features make River Road's pants easy to put on and then take off again at the end of a long ride.

The pants are lined with nylon everywhere above the knee. This will prevent that leather stick that riders occasionally suffer in hot weather and will give your skin a little breathing room. Leather pants aren't for everyone, but if they're your style, you can get them in sizes 6 through 18.

River Road includes a 2-year warranty with these pants. The leather should last longer than that, so take care of these pants and they'll cover your hind side for years to come.

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