Biker Gangs Recruit… Black Jewish Samurai Grandmas?

Join These Motorcycle Clubs Today — If Your Bloodlines Are Pure

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Want to join a motorcycle gang, but not sure where to look? Afraid that all gangs are violent and exclusive? Looking for a way to leverage your unique qualities into a patch of honor?

Then you've come to the right place. We've tasked ourselves with finding a motorcycle gang (or club) to suit each and every one of our readers.

Are you a proud Jewish biker? We've got you covered. Got a mean streak and hail from the great island nation of New Zealand? You'll find like-minded friends below. Love to do good deeds and can rattle off every entrée at The Olive Garden? We've found you a home.

Browse each group and find the one that best suits you. Direct links to each club are provided so you can start working on your application ASAP.

Grandpas Not Welcome

First up for your consideration is The YCC — The Yamaha Custom Club of Benelux — a motorcycle club for grandmothers only. Yup, you heard that right — nannas only.

Started in the Netherlands, fifteen grandmas took to riding together and decided to go for a Guinness World Record of the most grandmothers on motorcycles at a single gathering. Once assembled, they looked around, decided that grandmas on bikes were cool, fun and bad-ass. You've got to admit, if YOUR grandma was a biker wouldn't you brag?

So a one-time attempt to win a record turned into an established club. The club is expanding throughout France, Italy, the Czech Republic and North America. The only requirement is that you are somebody's Granny. All you Grandpa's move along to the next option.

Still here? You can check out the grannys online.

Got a Sword? You're In.

Not a Grandma? Perhaps you can identify better with some old-fashioned Japanese super-societal-structure? Let's take a look at the Bushido Ryders, an MC that embraces the principles of the Bushido, the code followed by the warriors of Japan known as the Samurai.

This club emphasizes that they "do not fully embrace the full methodology of the Samurai, but the code that they lived and followed as warriors." Meaning, I suppose, that they don't challenge people in swordfights to the death. Or if they do they're not admitting it.

The Bushido are all about Justice, Bravery, Benevolence, Politeness, Veracity, Honor and Loyalty. The Bushido Ryders are not brand-specific and will accept sportbikes and cruisers of any kind.

They embrace diversity and seem to spend their time with charities, fund raisers and community service. They are California-based with one chapter in North Carolina. Since they are so incredibly cool in so many other ways, it's a shame that women can't patch up. For you male warriors, check out the Bushido here.

Embrace History

Here's a club you can apply to join based on the color of your skin. Much has been written about the East Bay Dragons MC, an Oakland, California-based all-black, exclusively Harley-Davidson motorcycle club.

The Dragons were founded in the 50's as a car club and morphed into an MC over time. The East Bay Dragons Motorcycle Club were astride their Hogs as Rosa Parks went on her historic bus ride and as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers campaigned heroically for equal rights. As their website states, "The East Bay Dragons MC risked life and limb during days when a black man riding a Harley chopper was a revolutionary act."

No whites, no rice, no compromise.

Join up with these guys here

"Soul on Wheels" is a great book which traces the evolution of the East Bay Dragons through the years, including their Black Panther influence, their political and social emphasis, and the events that made them who they are now. The club numbers now into the hundreds.

Mmmm..... Brains!

Photo by dhollister

Next up on our voyage into approachable two wheel gangs, what better way to express your identity than with... wait for it... ZOMBIE BIKERS!

Meet the Rotten Dead MC. Based in South Korea, this club was formed by Korean bikers who wanted a club experience that approximated the dedication, loyalty and down-right seriousness of a 1% club, without the complications of the outlaw lifestyle and unfortunate events such as incarceration. They "wanted to be part of something where the patches are earned, not bought."

When the Rotten Dead were born there were no three-patch clubs (top rocker, center patch and bottom rocker – the hallmark of the organized club) in existence in Korea. So they winged it, starting their own club, writing their own charter and by-laws, and inexplicably coming up with the Zombie theme that persists to this day. Their website boasts... "Brotherhood Survives Beyond The Grave."

No word on what other clubs think of them, or if they are, in fact, actual zombies. Find out more here.

Europeans Need Not Apply

Next we move on to the pride of heritage – the Native American Brotherhood MC. This is a very traditional club, following the standard rules of what makes a biker club a biker club. The only exception is that you must be a Native American to be a member.

It's not clear from the site how they distinguish that. Most of the members don't appear to be 100% native. Their women wear patches that say Native Americans Lady, their version of the Property Patch. There is a section on their web page for club "retirees", a positive sign since in some clubs you only retire when you go in the ground.

The Brotherhood's site is covered in biker quotes, the type you get in your email over and over or that you see on stickers and such. Live to Ride, Ride to Live, for instance. Friendly and mostly inclusive, the Native American Brotherhood MC can be found here.

Married to God?

Not ready to join up with a gang of thugs on wheels? Then this next heart-warmingly sweet club may be for you. Maybe.

Meet the Sisters of the Muskegon Motorcycle Gang. Yes, Biker Nuns. No, this is not a Russ Meyer film. Back in 2003 the Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, decided that it would be a charitable thing to open their grounds to bikers looking for a place to pitch a tent (or just collapse) during the 100th Anniversary celebration of Harley–Davidson which was taking place nearby.

The Muskegon Motorcycle Gang from Michigan took the good Sisters up on their offer. The Muskegon MC are a club that bills themselves as a Gang although it's not clear whether they engage in 1%'er activities.

That being said, the Muskegon MC liked the Sisters so much that they kept in touch and came back five years later for more Party & Prayer. One thing led to another and eventually the Sisters just patched up. They now have their own patches – associated with but different from the MMG.

No word on what prospecting looked like. Maybe a gang hit, maybe just a whooooole lot of Hail Marys.

Read more about the MMG here.

Unless You Really Enjoy Your Friday Night Ride

Here's one that will appeal to 13 million or so folks out there. What's that, you're not sure anyone can actually name a Jewish Biker? Sure there is the accountant/Jew/Patch-holdin 1%'er on "Sons of Anarchy". But the fact is there are organized Jewish motorcycle clubs.

Hillel's Angels, based in New Jersey, are a Jews-only club that focuses on enhancing the motorcycling experience among "those of a Jewish faith". The club was started by a Rabbi who initially called it "Galgalei Shalom", or the "Wheels of Peace". The Hebrew name was eventually replaced by the far wittier name Hillel's Angels – no word as of yet on what the Hells Angels think.

As their website says, it never ceases to amaze us - Jews really do ride!

Only If You Like Kiwi

Haven't found a group to join yet? Perhaps you tend to the more traditional, violent biker gang?

The Black Power MC in New Zealand are an interesting bunch. Formed in the late 1960's by a young Maori man in Whakatane, they have continued to grow and spread throughout New Zealand. Their members are nearly 100% Maori. Despite their name, and though their patch shows a raised black fist, they are not associated with the Black Power movement in the United States.

The Black Power MC engages in drug dealing and violence. They are rivals of the Mongrel Mob MC, also an ethnic minority club, and although Black Power MC began as a response to the Mongrel Mob they have since become big enough to threaten the dominance of the Hells Angels in New Zealand.

I don't think you can apply online, but you can read more about these guys here

Photo by geoftheref

Here's a little trivia tidbit – New Zealand has more biker gangs per capita than any other country in the world, with over 4,000 patch-holding 1% members in a population of only 4 million people. One of New Zealand's biker gangs, the Tribesmen, is a Maori-only club that uses the Killerbeez youth street gang as their go-to boys to deal drugs and handle other day to day tasks. Nothing if not efficient!

My Grandma Was One-Sixteenth — Can I Be In?

Put off by that last group of ne'er-do-wells? Maybe you've got a hankering for some good-deed-doing and can trace your roots to the Old Country? The Italian Angels may be your kind of club.

Started by two cousins, Sam Diana and Tony Landi, the Angels are dedicated to the preservation of Italian heritage and to giving back to their community.

That last bit is a critical component of their mission. A prayer on their website translates to "Dear God, watch over our brotherhood. Always protect us on our motorcycle rides and guide us to help those in need. Amen."

So, while many modern biker clubs align themselves with mischief-making, these guys clearly want to position themselves on the "Angel" side of the spectrum.

With that in mind, I'm guessing that the Angels might just let you in even if you're not Italian. In fact, I'm thinking that if you're a biker, want to help the needy, and love a good old-fashioned Italian Feast, they'll at least let you hang around. Check out their website and let me know how it goes.

Help Settle a 1,000 Year-Old War

From the not-so-scary we move on to the genuinely frightening. Welcome to the Notorious — Australia Original Gangsters. The Notorious are a gang, not a club, and they involve themselves in a wide variety of nefarious activity.

The Gangsters are 100% Muslim, which explains their triple-rocker patch featuring a grinning skull wearing — yes, you guessed it — a turban.

The Notorious are not only waging war on the Hells Angels and the Bandidos, they are taking on a Shiite Muslim biker gang in Sydney, carrying the Sunni Muslim / Shiite Muslim war into the next century, on motorcycles.

Initiation Rites: Go Fast, Take a Picture

Last up are the Motorkadeh. This club embraces nationality as its starting point, though they're willing to make some exceptions.

Motorkadeh is a Persian (Iranian) club based in the United States. The name appears to be where the sense of nationalism stops because as far as I can tell, they are all about speed and biker's rights. They ride only sport bikes and they indulge in mounting cameras on the front of their rides and then proceeding to go as dangerously fast as they can while the camera rolls.

They have a political edge as well, with free membership to the club and no mention of exclusions of any kind. They do mention protecting the rights of all riders. Can't argue with that.

Judging by those folks in the adjacent image, they sure do look like they have some fun. Join them here.

Final Thoughts

By now, most readers will have already signed and delivered their applications to one of the above clubs. Congratulations... don't forget to tell your friends about us.

And if you couldn't find one that suits you? Send us an email and we'll consider starting up the SpotMotorcycles Motorcycle Club. For regular readers only, of course.

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