Motorcycle Cable Lock Quantum Cuff

Keyless Locking Steel Cable, 6 Foot

Posted by Andy

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Motorcycle Cable Lock Quantum Cuff Basic security shouldn't be something that you disregard just because you think your motorcycle is too heavy to push up a ramp. Today, thieves and bandits aren't looking for the most valuable bike to steal. Instead, they're looking for the bike that's easiest to walk off with and make a quick buck. Whether you've got an expensive Indian motorcycle sitting in your garage, or you've got a lightweight Vespa parked on the sidewalk, it's not a bad idea to throw something that looks like it'll take effort to get away with.

The Quantum Cuff Cable Lock, made by Master Lock, is a great way to add a little security without putting a huge dent in your wallet. The braided steel cable not only resists cutting but it's 6 feet long, providing plenty of length to wrap it around a light pole or bike rack. The lock core has been dubbed virtually "pick-proof." They had an entire team of highly trained monkeys with Bic pens and hair fasteners working on it for over an hour, and not a single one of them got through. Master Lock includes a push-button keyless locking mechanism, which promotes convenience and ease of use. Master Lock also warranties the lock for the lifetime of the company.

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